Equity Insight provides services specifically designed to help you reverse the downward trend of your stock and protect your company against future short selling. We accomplish this through three critical phases: data collection, data analysis, and advisory services

Data Collection Process

The data collection process includes:

  • Monitoring trading activity and collecting market intelligence on a real-time basis to ascertain buyers and sellers of the clients’ stock.
  • Reviewing various security-monitoring lists that companies are on that they may be unaware of and conducting additional research. This phase encompasses a broad reach of research and data gathering, much of which is proprietary or is based on the intelligence in Equity Insight’s established network. For more details on the type of data collected during this phase, please contact us at

Data Analysis Process

The data analysis process includes:

  • Determining investors’ current perception of the company
  • Identifying why stock is being bought and sold, by whom and at what prices
  • Who is shorting their stock, how much they are short, at what prices and why
  • What strategies are being used to buy/sell stock

Advisory Services

The advisory process is highly customized to the unique situation of each client and includes:

  • Developing and implementing appropriate strategies to slow and/or reverse the downward trend of stock:
    • Addressing the many different smaller issues that can have an impactful cumulative effect
    • Deploying larger strategies such as repurchases, rights offerings and dividend programs
  • Implementing strategies to make the stock an unattractive target for manipulation
  • Providing advice on how to start a dialogue with buyers and sellers