With general industry expertise, unsurpassed knowledge of short selling practices, and a wide-reaching network, Our executive team is uniquely qualified to help companies experiencing declining share holder value due to short selling.

William K. Barnard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Equity Insight Inc. Linked-In-16x16

A 30-year veteran of the institutional equity trading community, Mr. Barnard's experience includes block trading positions at Mitchell Hutchins Inc. and First Boston Inc. in New York City as well as Manager of Equity Trading positions at Blunt Ellis & Loewi Inc., William K. Woodruff & Co., Rauscher Pierce & Refsnes Inc., and Dain Rauscher Inc. Most recently he served as Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer for Frost Securities Inc., Frost Bank's Investment Banking subsidiary (NYSE: CFR). Mr. Barnard holds a M.B.A. from the University of Chicago and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University.

Chas G. Barnard, President, Equity Insight Inc. Linked-In-16x16

Mr. Barnard has 10 years of institutional equity trading experience with Dain Rauscher Inc., Frost Securities Inc., and most recently Jefferies & Co., where he traded NASDAQ and NYSE listed stocks in the Telecommunications and Networking Equipment space. He also served as Jefferies' trading liaison for all information technology vendors including Bloomberg, Bridge, Brass, etc. During his six years at Jefferies, Mr. Barnard developed several software and managerial tracking programs which became an integral part of the trading infrastructure. Mr. Barnard has a B.S. from Indiana University.